Where children come to have fun, create and relax.



We believe that children are at their best when they are relaxed.  Our programme helps them to be at ease as they learn  music, dance and participate in visual arts, creating and having fun with others.  Our yoga program provides yoga postures and meditations that help them to cope with the tensions of the world and unstructured free time and time in nature is fundamental for them to have a happy experience.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are parents ourselves and honour the important work you do raising your child/children.  When you bring your child to Anakkara Summer Camp, we are excited not only to share our passion for the arts, nature and yoga but for them to have fun and to establish strong connections with others.  We know that the arts opens up the heart and mind in a way like nothing else can.  Creating your own original work, learning a song,  dance or an instrument are amazing accomplishments for children giving them confidence and joy.

Our main goal is for them to be relaxed so they really can learn and explore as they navigate this ever more complex world.

By simply taking them into nature we know that the simplicity of sitting silently and listening to the wind or finding a plant that is edible nurtures their independence and freedom.

What sets Anakkara Summer Camp apart from other camps is the amount of unstructured free time there is every day.  A time for the children individually or in small groups to find their own inner balance.

The community aspect of Anakkara distinguishes us from other camps.  We know our campers names and usually their favourite colour!  We want them to connect with one another through:  singing in the choir, playing instruments, dancing,  yoga and meditation and as we honour and learn about the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation which is recognized as the custodian of the lands and waters on which our camp gathers.

In 2009 Anakkara Summer Camp started with a 3 week camp and about 10 children.  We are so excited by our growth over the last 12 years, the new children that come to camp every year and the familiar faces that keep returning.  We hope that our camp continues to bring joy, inspiration and opportunities for growth and learning  to all our campers and their families.

All the best,

Isabelle Letourneau and Philippa Woolley