Schedule 2020 Covid-19
8h – 8h45 Extended Care Outside
8h45 – 9h15 Arrival and wash hands
9h15 – 9h45 Choir Always in assigned places
9h45 – 10h30 Music Xylophone 5-7 ans Guitare 8-12 ans Always in assigned places
10h30 – 11h Break + wash hands Bathroom + snack outside Wash hands
11h – 11h45 Sprouting workshop outside
11h45 – 12h30 Lunch outside Wash hands
12h30-13h30 Park, water park… In front of church, Benny Park and Confederation Park Park, water park
13h30 – 14h Return + wash hands Snack + quiet time Wash hands
14h – 14h45 Visual arts Always in assigned       places Always in assigned       places
14h45 – 15h Wash hands
15h – 15h45 Yoga Outside
15h45 – 16h Good bye circle Outside
16h – 17h Extended Care Outside


 Friday Schedule Covid-19 Modified Afternoon
13h30 – 15h Gardening Outside (location to be confirmed) wash hands
15h-15h15 Return + wash hands
15h15-15:45 Yoga Outside wash hands
15h45 – 16h Good bye circle Outside
16h-17h Service de garde Outside